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In addition to providing quality service Melissa's Passion for Paws also offers many options to help you save on your pet's grooming. New clients receive $5.00 off their first visit. 

Do you know a family member, friend, neighbor, co worker or an associate that needs pet grooming? Let them know about Melissa's Passion for Paws. If they receive service you will be discounted $5.00 off your pet's next grooming.

Melissa's Passion for Paws offers loyalty cards. This is a great a way to continuously save on your pet's grooming. Receive $5.00 off on the fifth groom and $10.00 off the tenth groom. When your card is completed you will receive a new card. 

Melissa's Passion for Paws

Call or text today to schedule your pet's next grooming session!

(847) 338-7593

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